About Be Beauty Academy

Be Beauty Academy is an institution of Beauty, Embroidery, Skin Management, Lash and Makeup - Malaysia’s leading beauty academy to offer and combine online and offline courses.Located at Johor Bahru and Kuala Lumpur.

Course includes Professional Certificate in Beauty & Health Service and Retail Management (Awarded by UTMSpace) - Beauty Course, Skin Management Course, Korean Semi-Permanenet Makeup Master Course, Embroidery Eyebrow Course, SPMU Hairline course, Bridal Makeup & Airbrush Makeup, Eyelash Extension & Lash Perming, Advanced Korean Semi-Permanent Makeup, Nipple&Areola Course, Korean MTS skin therapy Course.

With more than 10-years’ experience in beauty industry, CEO Stephanie Tai actively gets herself involved in the fields of beauty, embroidery, lash and makeup.In cooperation with Education Group of EMSB, BB offers a program - Professional Certificate in Beauty & Health Service and Retail Management awarded by UTMSpace of University Teknologi Malaysia. Courses not only focus on basic skin management, makeup and embroidery skills, but also practical training as well as fundamental marketing and management knowledge.

For International courses, Be Beauty Academy has a tight cooperation with well-established institution - Korean A-In Permanent Makeup Academy, located in Seoul Gangnam-gu, offering a dual professional certificate issued by both Malaysia and Korean Insititutes.Students in Malaysia would have an opportunity to learn the most-advanced techniques conducted by Korean Lecturers and to provide student a dual certificates issued by both Malaysian and Korean Academy.

Pigment materials, tools and equipment are 100% imported from Korea. All the materials have passed laboratory tests such as SGS, MSDS , dermatest conducted by the certified bodies in Worldwide. This is to ensure the safeness and quality of the products.Students can effectively master in the most professional Korean semi-permanent makeup skills. Also, Be Beauty Academy promised to provide a series of supportive programs to help students to grow in their future career path.

Semi-Permanent Makeup...

A method of injecting a pigment composed of natural mineral particles into the skin can maintain a makeup method of one to two years.

It is called semi-permanent make-up in Korea and China and named Permanent Make-up in the United States, and Contour Make-up in Europe. Unlike the tattoos that are implanted in the dermis, semi-permanent make-up may only penetrate the pigment on the epidermis and damages the human skin. Based on the natural regeneration cycle of the skin, it is a special makeup technique that restores its original appearance within 1-2 years.

The purpose is...

to present the most natural and vivid face after cleansing or without makeup. Give the modern people the most natural make-up effect. Also, people who can't make regular makeup in terms of time, economy, and personal freedom, so that,  they can regain their self-confidence.

Nowadays,nude makeup is getting popoular. In the busy world, semi-permanent makeup can be eye-catching whenever and wherever.

Suits for...

The technique of semi-permanent makeup can be divided into various types depending on the beauty tools used.

The methods and techniques are very diverse. It is not necessary to operate the same makeup method every time. But, it is necessary to use the appropriate techniques and techniques according to the customer's situation.

It needs to fully consult with the customer, and then choose the suitable technology that meets the customer's situation. The technique is divided into Embo technique, hand-held needle method, feather technique, Suji technique, and mixing technique. Now the kmba (Dahan Beauty Medical Association) qualification examination actual operation designation technique is Embo technique.